thomas strønen

meadow press


"[Meadow] has produced one of 2011’s likely jazz triumphs of the year…worthy of ECM label’s greatest moments”. GUARDIAN **** (UK)

"This is an album of sublime creativity that will stand the test of time… they have created a classic”. JAZZWISE MAGAZINE (UK)

"Imagine the sound of saxophonist Wayne Shorter if he’d worked on a north-Euro ECM Records project, perhaps with the label’s legendarily restrained house-drummer Jon Christensen – then add one of Europe’s most sensitive and resourceful pianists, and you have something like this remarkable trio”. GUARDIAN ****

Meadow is three superb musicians… an assertively interactive group. The trio is in arresting form throughout”. IRISH TIMES *****

"An early contender for new trio of the year…Quite simply one of the most accomplished recordings by the Edition label thus far”. UK VIBE ****

"Vastly appealing…European Jazz at its most elegant”. MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS ***** (FIVE STARS)

"The success of Meadow and Blissful Ignorance is predicated in its focus on the song, the sound, the melody and the collective”.ALL ABOUT JAZZ

"Meadow deliver a classic in conception and in execution” FOCUS/ LE VIF (Belgium)

"Meadow are able to make almost-empty space seem eloquent. Tore Brunborg’s sinuous sax is supported by faint but urgent patterings from Thomas Stronen’s drums and perfectly placed enigmatic chords from pianist John Taylor”. TELEGRAPH (UK)

"Recorded at Rainbow Studios in Oslo, Meadow turns out to be more rhythmically varied than its ECM-type provenance might suggest… very pleasant”. INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY (UK)

"A blissful combination that brings together three of the most creative musicians in European jazz”. THE LIST (UK)

"Some new albums arrive with a bang and a great deal of hype and some just kind of creep up on you and surprise you… and before you know it, you’re in love with them” BBC RADIO 3 ‘JAZZ ON 3’

"What an absolute joy this trio disc is”. THE JAZZ BREAKFAST (UK)

"Boldly understated and yearning compositions”. THE SUNDAY HERALD

"An album filled with music that is frequently joyous and infused with a palpable sense of groove”. LONDON JAZZ BLOG

"Meadow have come up with a modern classic, contemporary yet timeless”. THE JAZZ MANN