thomas strønen


ståle storløkken: keyboards
thomas strønen: drums, electronics

Humcrush is chockfull of astonishingly vigorous interplay at the same time as it assimilates the influence of oriental theatre music, electronica, rock and free jazz in a whirlwind processional that's much more than the sum of its parts.

Humcrush also works as a trio together with Sidsel Endresen and the trio released ha! on Rune Grammofon in 2011.
Humcrush will make a new recording in 2014, release tba.

In 2014 the duo will join forces with Hans Magnus Ryan (Snah from Motorpsycho) and Kjetil Møster (Datarock).
The four will compose music together and play festivals in summer 2014. 

Humcrush Rune Grammofon (2004)
Hornswoggle Rune Grammofon (2006)
Rest at worlds end Rune Grammofon (2008)
ha! Rune Grammofon (2011)